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Concierge care, without the subscription

  • Transparency
    One of the healthcare industry’s greatest follies is lack of transparency for patients. Patients undergo treatments they aren’t even sure they need and get bills from doctors and insurance companies that they never expected. Dr. Saltman understands this from both the physician and patient perspective and strives to create an innovative experience that simplifies fee structures and empowers patients to make the best decisions for their health by educating and informing, rather than leaving them in the dark.
  • The Value of Your Time
    Dr. Saltman appreciates the intricacy of his work and happily spends time with patients for as long as is needed to fully understand the diagnoses and the treatments available to improve their lives. At our office, you will never feel rushed or like you are short-changed on time with your time with the doctor. At the same time, by employing the most modern technologies, biomaterials, and advanced techniques, Dr. Saltman delivers the beautiful results for which he is known in shorter treatment timelines and fewer visits than industry standard, so you can minimize the time away from your work and family. Many implants can be placed immediately at the time of extraction, greatly reducing treatment time to just a few months. Most patients can go from an unhealthy tooth to a restored (final crown placed) dental implant in a mere 3-5 months, about half the time of traditional dental implant workflows. An already missing tooth can be replaced with an implant and restored with a crown even more quickly, often within only a few weeks!
  • One Comprehensive Fee
    When most people think of a dental implant, they think of one procedure for one fee, because this makes sense. The reality of most practices is that on top of the "dental implant fee" there is a plethora of other fees added on for every biomaterial used or additional “procedure” that is performed with the implant, in part because this is how insurance dictates reimbursement. This often doubles the cost of treatment, and worse yet insurance rarely covers any of these adjunctive procedures. ​ Think of being delighted to find a $3 slice of cherry pie on your local diner’s menu, only to get your check and find that the whipped cream it came with cost an additional $2, the ice cream $3, and the silverware and plate $1 each. You’ve paid four times what you expected, and this unfortunately happens in healthcare every day. ​ Dr. Saltman knows this system is broken and has created a comprehensive fee structure which treats all patients equally. You will never have to ask if you really need every component of treatment to save cost, because he will use whatever advanced biomaterial or technique it takes for any surgery to give you the absolute best and fastest result, without increasing your cost simply because you needed a bone graft or additional procedure at the same time. Our experienced staff will still maximize any possible benefits from your dental insurance, but the quality of your care will not be limited by the boundaries typically imposed by insurance companies. Consultation fees are 100% credited towards the cost of treatment. One comprehensive dental implant fee that includes whatever it takes at the time of surgery for perfect results every time!
  • Premium Biomaterials and Cutting-Edge Technology
    Biomaterials represents an approximately $120-billion industry, and there are a myriad of implants and biomaterials available, ranging from budget to premium. There are also a number of emerging technologies, some of which are revolutionally, and others, expensive gimmicks. Most patients are walking around town with no idea what implants, bone grafts, and tissue substitutes are living in their jaws, but you can always trust that Dr. Saltman is using the best products and technologies available to achieve optimal results in the shortest treatment timeline. At our practice, you never have to worry about what inferior products are being used to cut cost. Dr. Saltman proudly works with Straumann, who leads the world in dental implant biotechnology and allows him to achieve such consistent, optimal, and quick results. He is also one of the few surgeons in the United States who is fully trained to place Zirconia dental implants, which is the future of dental implantology!
  • Digital Workflow
    We live in a digital age, and your surgeon should be taking advantage of these technologies to pass the benefits on to you! Dr. Saltman believes in fully digital surgical workflows, so that complex implant surgeries can be fully and digitally planned ahead of time and executed with 3D-printed surgical guides, verifying near-100% accuracy of the results to ensure your smile is as perfect as the plan every time.
  • Our Specialized Team
    Our team is comprised of specially trained and skilled individuals, who together have helped create such a pleasant and happy environment for both patients and team-members alike! Our non-clinical staff will be your guides to navigating treatment logistically and will answer or direct any questions that may arise throughout your treatment journey. All of our surgical assistants are not only trained assistants, but future-dental professionals pursuing post-doctoral degrees themselves. Most importantly, our team is uniquely skilled, cohesive, and focused on you to ensure that your experience exceeds expectations every time!

Our Space

A Historic Building

Our office resides within a registered historic building, originally built in 1963 as “Hartnett Hall,” a rooming house where one could rent a room for $4 per night. After multiple renovations and restorations, the interior has transformed into a modern, elegant, and comfortable space, though the beautiful exterior has been painstakingly preserved, and the charm of “Hartnett Hall” with it. 


Take a brief tour of our space below, including both the surgical suite and the American Institute of Implant Dentistry educational facilities.

August 1959.jpg

A Modern Surgical Office

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